Monday, April 24, 2017

Turtleneck Sweater Dress

Hello sweeties, do you know a shop named Rosegal? It's a lovely online shop where you can find many beautiful fashion items from dresses, bags, shoes to beauty products etc.

As it's still cold these days in Holland, my mood goes directly to the turtleneck sweater dress and also loose shirt dress is not bad idea for this kind of weather.
See the sweeter detail here
See the sweeter price here

See the dress detail here
See more photos of the dress here

Which attract me a lot are the bags, just give you an example :)
See the bag price here

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Weekend baby

Hello sweeties, first of all have a beautiful weekend to all fashion lovers in the world! <3 I hope you're doing fine out there. About over here, these days I have a cold but it can't stop me to stand up and make some lovely fashion photos to share with you :D I hope you enjoy my new look xoxo

See dress detail click here

Dress price here.
In collaboration with Shein

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Monday, April 10, 2017

It's StyleWe, my dears <3

Hello my sweeties, today I'm so happy to share with you something about an amazing shop. Did you know the online shop StyleWe before? It's absolutely a wonderful address to find the most beautiful, elegant, chic outfits for this spring. For example these cute dresses I found from their website.

If you want to find a cute jacket, tank tops etc, all kind of charming dresses or bottoms, just take a look here at Just Fashion Now. I'm sure you will be very satisfied with what the shop can provide you.

And how if you want to buy a special Kimono Maxi Dress? Congratulations, you are in the right place. StyleWe can make you happy.

What surprised me is by StyleWe blog / you can find many useful advises to manage and organizing prettily your house. There are seriously many exciting tips that will help you transform your home into a fabulous place to live in.

To end with this post, I'd love to share with you a very good new about the Giveaway $150 shopping coupon.  Let JustFashionNow help you out revamp your fashion wardrobe this season as we are giving away 2 Winners of shopping coupons worth $150! It's very simple and cost nothing to take a look! Maybe the luck is waiting for you there :))

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spring girl, Party girl, Wedding girl

Hello my dears, how have you been doing? I'm happy to write you again on my blog. The cool and grey winter is gone leaving space for beautiful and colourful spring. It's just amazing to see flowers blooming everywhere. And yet, thinking about beautiful dresses for a happy party or wedding. Why not? And I'm thinking right now about an gorgeous shop Babyonlinedress. Did you ever hear about it before? Its Prom Dress 2017 is irresistible and its wholesale evening dresses are just stunning.

See the dress price here

The the dress detail here

See the dress price here

See more about the dress here

I'm totally in love with this wedding dresses, don't you? <3

See wedding dress detail here

Detail here

See dress price here

See dress price here

Here are just some examples of my taste. There are lots of other gorgeous dresses for you to take a look in the website. Have a good time, darlings <3

In collaboration with Babyonlinedress

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